Kimchee Market

​Freshly Made Kimchee & Korean Food

Launched in June 2016 we now offer our kimchee for retail & wholesale distribution.

Our Classic Korean recipes originate from the Brooklyn based kitchens of the Brooklyn Kimchee Market, Dokebi Bar & Grill and Little Dokebi.

After ten plus years of success with the Dokebi restaurants we opened the Brooklyn Kimchee Market where we offer over 20 varieties of kimchee and banchan (side dishes), Korean specialty foods, catering and meals to go.

Three varieties of Dokebi brand kimchee are now available for retail & wholesale distribution :

Napa cabbage, Daikon Radish and Kirby Cucumber

Visit: Dokebi Bar & Grill and Little Dokebi

Dokebi Brand Kimchee

Fresh Kimchee

Made with the best sourced ingredients. We take extra care in making our traditional kimchee's and ban chan.  

Made by the hour and to order. From our house made Korean lunch boxes to our hand rolled Korean style sushi. Everything is prepared in our kitchen! 


House Specialties

Readymade Food